22 September 2016

Digital Ad Spending to Exceed TV This Year

eMarketer recently reported that U.S. digital ad spending will surpass TV ad spending by the end of 2016 for the first time - one year earlier than they had originally predicted.

Advertisers have been rushing to purchase digital at the expense of traditional advertising like print, and the shift has been happening more quickly than anticipated.

According to eMarketer, by the end of this year, US digital ad spending will reach $72.09 billion, while TV spending will grow to $71.29 billion.

That means digital will represent 36.8% of US total media ad spending, while TV will have 36.4%.

They are quick to point out that TV ad spending is still growing, particularly in light of the Olympic Games and U.S. federal election this year.

Mobile ad spending will grow 45.0% this year to reach $45.95 billion and as it grows, it will represent an increased share of overall ad spending.

Google has cornered the market on mobile advertising with a 32% share.

eMarketer predicts video ad spending will reach $10.30 billion, representing 14.3% of total digital spending this year and the figure will climb to 15.1% next year.

Display ads, where Facebook leads the market at almost $12 billion in 2016, will continue to be the dominant form of digital advertising for several years to come.

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