28 October 2016

BEHAVIOUR - Educational Podcasts Focus on Breed Specific Legislation

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a hot topic around the world with pit bull bans being repealed or enacted in various jurisdictions.

In response to the debate sparked by the recent pit bull bylaw in Montreal, the Pet Professional Guild’s (PPG) upcoming podcasts will feature animal behaviour experts explaining why breed bans are ineffective in reducing frequency of dog bites.

Experts who will feature in the podcasts include:
  • Jean Donaldson, instructor, coach, mentor and founder of The Academy for Dog Trainers
  • Victoria Stilwell, television personality and renowned dog trainer
  • Janis Bradley, director of communications and publications at National Canine Research Council
  • Lori Nanan, founder of Your Pit Bull and You, an educational resource for dog owners of all breeds.

PPG's Position Statement proposes that BSL paints an unjust picture of certain breeds of dogs while punishing responsible dog guardians unnecessarily, and notes that it has been found to be costly and ineffective in its aims to reduce the number of dog bites and improve public safety in any given community.

"Research shows us that all animals learn in the same way and that each animal is an individual regardless of its breed," said PPG founder and president Niki Tudge.

"Many of our professional members interact, either personally or professionally, with many, if not all, of the breeds affected by BSL and will bear witness to the fact that animal learning is not breed specific. BSL does not address this at all. It is intended to improve public safety and reduce the number of dogs bites, yet the practice includes little, if any, assessment of individual behavior or environment, owner knowledge of canine behavior and training, and/or owner suitability as a dog guardian, not to mention the fact that many dogs are inaccurately labeled simply because of the way they look."

The first podcast, with Jean Donaldson, will air on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at noon EST.

The Pet Professional Guild is an organization founded on the principles of force-free training and pet care. Its membership represents pet industry professionals who are committed to force-free training, pet care philosophies, practices and methods.

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