29 October 2016

HEALTH - Ricky's Restaurants Switch to Antibiotic & Hormone Free Meat

The Ricky's Group of Family-Style Restaurants announced it will be the first full-service Canadian-owned family restaurant chain to begin serving pork entrées on its breakfast menu that have been raised without any antibiotics or added hormones.

This step has been taken by other restaurants, notably A&W who promote this to consumers who are concerned about what is in what they eat.

Actions limiting antibiotic and hormone use are also in response to the rise in antibiotic resistance around the world.

The World Health Organization considers antimicrobial resistance a global concern.

Their website explains: “Antimicrobial resistance occurs naturally over time, usually through genetic changes. However, the misuse and overuse of antimicrobials is accelerating this process. In many places, antibiotics are overused and misused in people and animals, and often given without professional oversight. Examples of misuse include when they are taken by people with viral infections like colds and flu, and when they are given as growth promoters in animals and fish.”

As reported in InfoStream, the US is implementing the Veterinary Feed Directive to control the use of antibiotics in animals and the Canadian Government is also putting in new regulations for antimicrobial use by veterinarians.

Ricky's Senior Vice President Stacey Hansson said in a release, "We strongly agree with and support the 'don't take unnecessary antibiotics' message, telling the public that we don't need antibiotics every time we are not feeling well. And we definitely don't need them in our food. Antibiotics are for the sick, not the hungry."

The restaurant chain has been working with their pork producers for over a year on this initiative and is now working with its beef and chicken suppliers to make similar changes.

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