24 November 2016

HEALTH - Rabies a Continuing Concern in Ontario

Despite great efforts, including the distribution of more than 1,600,000 vaccine baits, Ontario continues to see animals infected with rabies.

The latest reported numbers, from last week, bring the total of raccoon strain rabies to 244 along with two cases of fox strain rabies since the first infected animal was discovered in December 2015.

The raccoon strain cases were found in the following areas:
  • Hamilton - 198
  • Haldimand - 18
  • Niagara - 12
  • Brant - 11
  • Halton - 5

The majority of ill animals were raccoons (170), followed by 72 skunks, one fox and one cat.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have tested more than 4,300 animals for the disease and are continuing their efforts to control the outbreak.

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