01 January 2017

InfoStream Newsmakers of 2016

2016 was a great year for InfoStream with a strong increase in readership and expansion of original content.

Here are the most popular InfoStream stories of 2016 in order of top page views:

Randy Valpy’s departure from the pet insurance industry to a new career with Lifelearn Inc. definitely sparked readers’ interest. Valpy has been an important partner to the Urban Animal Foundation and Summit event for years.

The Alberta Wildfire displaced Fort McMurray residents and their pets. InfoStream strove to keep people on top of what was happening to rescue and reunite animals in the region.

Health articles are always popular and the increased incidence of Lyme disease was top of mind with readers.

PetLynx has played an important role reuniting lost pets with their owners and corporate changes in 2016 were in the InfoStream newsfeed - from engaging contractors to a rebrand to Urban Animal Corporation and share offer.

The shift in corporate valuation is trending around the globe and the article about PetSmart’s acquisition of Allpaws.com is a perfect example - subscribers and successful service can have more value than revenue.

Proposed BC legislation to help dogs in hot cars was a hot article, with the failed Canadian animal cruelty legislation also trending on InfoStream.

A border collie named Chase who knows the names of over 1000 items has caused scientists to reconsider just how smart dogs are and showcased the power of positive training methods.

Another important issue is the increase in antimicrobial resistance, which the United National refers to as a “world global crisis.” In response the US and Canadian governments have increased regulations for the use of antibiotics/antimicrobials in animals.

Ontario’s battle with rabies after seeing their first raccoon strain in ten years, was the basis for a series of articles. Keeping readers in the loop about vaccination clinics and rabies control operations was InfoStream’s goal.

The contributors and editor of InfoStream intend to bring even more original, interesting and relevant content to you in 2017.

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