02 January 2017

BUSINESS - Ecommerce Players who Thrived in 2016

EMarketer recently featured seven ecommerce companies, big and small, that flourished in 2016.

Two of them were purchased by other corporations and featured in InfoStream articles.

What do they have in common?

It wasn’t necessarily corporate revenue that made Dollar Shave Club and Jet.com valuable commodities, it was a strong subscriber base and established online service delivery.

More and more corporate acquisitions are being based on a different value system.

The shift of consumers to mobile purchasing, growth of ecommerce and social innovation are having a profound affect on corporations.

It is predicted that in the next three to four years the scramble to acquire subscribers and services that add to the core values (purpose) of large brands will intensify.

Other companies highlighted by EMarketer include wholesale shopping club Boxed.

Rated number one, Boxed (founded in 2013) expects revenues to surpass $100M for 2016, up from $8M just two years ago.

Mattress retailer Caspar, predicting to double their revenue to $200M this year, and MeUndies, on track to sell 5M pairs in 2017, were two other ecommerce power players featured by EMarketer.

Learn more about these top ecommerce companies - read the entire article.

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