28 March 2017

BUSINESS - The ARK Animal Terminal Opens at JFK Airport

The ARK at JFK, the first privately owned, 24-hour animal terminal and airport quarantine center, opened its first phase last year and plans to be completely operational in 2017.

The ARK provides both airside and landside services to board, kennel, quarantine, import, export and transport large and small animals.

Dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish and even sloths will be able to have their own special accommodations at the center.

Additional services include transportation in dedicated climate-controlled vehicles to and from aircraft, terminals, cargo facilities and other airport locations.

The ARK facility occupies almost 80,000 sq feet on over 14 acres of land.

“Transporting live cargo by plane can be a complex and arduous process for owners and animals alike. Our goal is to create a more efficient and safe process by reducing the need for additional travel and offering trained animal care staff immediately pre- and post-flight. The ARK provides a healthy and comfortable environment, and sets new international airport standards for comprehensive veterinary, kenneling and quarantine services,” John J. Cuticelli, Jr. CEO, Racebrook and Founder and Chairman of ARK Development/The ARK at JFK, said in a release.

Phase 1 services, which began operating last year, include The ARK Pet Oasis, Equine & Livestock Export Center, and Aviary In-Transit Quarantine.

Pet Oasis assists in-transit animals left by their owners before they fly, or by pet shippers or airlines by providing pre- mid- and post-flight relief services.

Staff members groom, feed, water, walk and play with the animals. Just-in-time delivery ensures the pets don’t have long waits on the tarmac before flights depart.

For travellers whose pets need overnight or daycare accommodation, Paradise 4 Paws will be opening late spring or early summer this year.

Crate-free boarding, bone-shaped in-ground splashing pools, Cat Adventure JungleTM, large indoor grass play areas and on-site veterinary assistants are part of what Paradise 4 Paws offers.

(Photo by Anthony Collins.nyc)
The ARK at JFK Equine and Livestock Export Center provides essential resting stalls in a spacious, modern environment for horses and livestock departing the airport.

The In-Transit Aviary Quarantine provides isolation rooms in a bonded warehouse, enabling commercial shippers to schedule several hours to overnight rest stops for birds traveling through the U.S.

Other phases of the ARK due to open in 2017 include:
  • Equine import quarantine - 48 state-of-the-art, independent quarantine stalls for horses entering the United States, fulfilling the need for mandatory quarantine.
  • An avian quarantine center, providing facilities for 30-day quarantine of pet and commercial birds entering the U.S.
  • A veterinary hospital available to treat illness or incidents that happen at ARK or inflight.
  • A veterinary diagnostic laboratory.

The ARK website also has FAQ’s addressing many queries for those travelling with pets.

Airline passengers traveling with pets will not be required to use the ARK.

At less cost they can still arrange for their pets’ transport on their own, by flying them in cargo or the airplane cabin.

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