03 March 2017

DIGITAL - Cool Tools for Social Media Marketers

Looking for tools or apps that can correct your grammar and spelling, create motion graphics, provide 'caller ID' for email, or create graphics of your Google Analytics data?

Social Media Examiner has come up with 23 Cool Tools for social media professionals.

Everyone has hit publish on a post without realizing there was a spelling or grammar error - sometimes only learning about the blunder when a reader makes a negative comment.

You can prevent those embarrassing mistakes by using Grammarly.

Grammarly, which has free and paid versions, is software as well as a browser extension so you can drop documents to be reviewed or have it correct as you type on the web.

If you are looking for an editor, Editorr has a team of them who will take your press release or post and polish it.

The first 100 words are free, after that you pay for words as you go.

Google Data Studio will take the data from Google Analytics and lay it out in a dashboard with components of your choosing.

Pie charts, bar charts, geomapping - they are all available to step up your social media reports.

Motion graphics are made simple with Ripl which allows moving text, captions, and video.

Want to know the details of a person sending you an email without looking them up? Use Senders.

Senders will give you the person’s name, title, and bio, along with links to his or her Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.

It shares last tweets, their Twitter follower count, links to the Google search for that person and is free.

You can have some fun with FUNIPICA - a lens you can clip onto your laptop, computer or smartphone which gives you a super-wide lens with a slight fisheye effect.

Want to get close up and personal? Unscrew the top of the FUNIPICA and it turns into a 15x macro.

There are cool tools in the Social Media Examiner post that will publish to Instagram and Twitter, send meeting invitations that include available meeting times pulled directly from your Google Calendar, manage an overload of tabs on your browser and much more.

Read the entire article.

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