03 April 2017

BUSINESS - US Department of Interior Goes to the Dogs

(US Department of Interior)
For the first time, a US federal agency has joined the growing ranks of dog friendly workplaces.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced “Doggy Days at Interior,” a pilot program aimed at boosting workplace morale.

The program will launch test days on May 5th and September 1st at the department’s Washington headquarters.

“Scientific studies show having a dog around the office improves morale and productivity, and having dogs around the office has health benefits like reducing stress levels,” Zinke wrote to his department’s employees.

Research suggests it might make you trust your coworker more and improve collaboration too. I’m willing to give it a shot and hope you’ll work with me in this new endeavor.”

There will be some criteria the dogs need to meet such as having vaccinations, no history of aggression and being housetrained.

Employees who aren’t comfortable with dogs in the office will have some options including the ability to work outside the office on doggie days.

While the Department of the Interior is the first federal agency to allow dogs, the Washington Post reports members of Congress have been bringing their dogs to work since the 19th century but few other taxpayer-funded workplaces have gone to the dogs.

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