27 May 2017

HEALTH - ZenCrate Partners With Veterinary Behaviorist for Study on Anxiety-Reducing Dog Den

When ZenCrate launched a kickstarter campaign last year for a crate designed to reduce anxiety in dogs, there was some question as to its effectiveness.

Designed with vibration-dampening technology and sound therapy, the crate sounded good to pet owners, but had limited data to back it up.

ZenCrate has now partnered with Dr. Lisa Radosta of Florida Veterinary Behavior Services to begin a series of clinical research studies that aim to determine the effect of ZenCrate’s anxiety-reducing abilities when it comes to noise and storm phobia in dogs.

“The ZenCrate holds promise as a part of a complete treatment plan for storm and noise aversion and phobias lowering fear, anxiety and stress in dogs afflicted with those disorders,” said Rodosta.

“I am excited to be a participant in upcoming research to assess the effect of the ZenCrate on fear, anxiety and stress in dogs afflicted with storm and noise aversions and phobias.”

Being one of the only 69 board certified veterinary behaviorists in the United States, Rodosta takes an innovative approach when it comes to her studies and use of medicine and has participated in tracking, obedience, herding and therapy dog work.

The crate includes an orthopedic memory foam bed, motion-activated music with a curated anti-anxiety playlist, sound insulation to reduce anxiety, motion-activated fan for improved ventilation and is WiFi enabled to view your pet from a smartphone.

Noise anxiety can be challenging to treat and historically has been managed through behaviour modification, anti-anxiety medicine, tranquilizers and gadgets like the ThunderShirt.

Last year, the FDA approved the first drug for noise anxiety in dogs - Sileo - which they recently released a warning about due to accidental overdoses.

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