26 May 2017

HR - Hiring in Today's Marketplace

Predictions of economic growth and increased employment opportunities in 2017, along with a large number of people looking for work, means businesses need to step up their recruitment game to find the best possible candidates.

With talk about millennials being “different” many companies are wondering just what needs to be changed in their recruitment process.

Canadian HR Reporter is offering a free webinar on June 1st - The New Face of Talent in Canada - that addresses how to effectively recruit from recent grads to recent retirees.

Everything from career sites, to employment brand, to how the application and onboarding process is laid out, affects how competently businesses are able to hire.

In this webinar participants will learn:  
  • Changes in candidate expectations today vs before
  • Areas of recruiting impacted by the changes
  • Simple ways your company can become more attractive to job seekers of all ages.

If you have ever been asked or wondered “Why do we have to do it differently than we did for years?” this webinar will provide you with answers.

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