13 June 2017

HomeSafe Automated Animal Recovery Service Needs a Rescue

Image result for image of life preserverThe service that assisted 340,000 animal recoveries across Canada is now in need of a rescue itself.

Managing Director, Larry Evans, today advised that HomeSafe™ has exhausted its cash reserves and has been forced offline. “The company has a large active subscriber base, a compelling vision and a unique technology, but has been unable to discover the financial backing it requires to continue operations”, said Evans.

Urban Animal Corporation is most concerned about a million plus active subscribers and the more than eight million public users who rely on HomeSafe™ to protect and recover lost animals in over 300 communities across Canada. During the past 18 months the M&A team was unable to conclude a deal to sustain operations.

“By making this announcement today, HomeSafe is launching an emergency flare and signalling distress,” said Evans. “While we still hope the ‘ship’ may be saved, we have turned our attention to saving the people and animals we serve.”

Urban Animal Corporation has suspended recovery services until further notice and will await contact from those equipped to help rescue the good ship HomeSafe™.

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