17 April 2014

Pets Plus Us funds HomeSafe™ Recovery Services for all Canadians


CALGARY, AB - PetLynx Corporation is pleased to appoint Pets Plus Us as the new Sponsor of the HomeSafe™ Recovery Service.

As sponsor of the HomeSafe™ Recovery Service, Pets Plus Us is funding free recovery services (lost and found) to all Canadians. Now when Canadians lose or find a pet, the HomeSafe™ recovery service provides them with a place to post pictures, automated searches of shelters and pounds, printable posters and the very unique DataSketch™ technology that creates searchable digital profiles of the animals involved. 

Pets Plus Us already has a world-class reputation as the Champion of Pet Owner Happiness. All Pets Plus Us customers will receive a complimentary subscription to the HomeSafe™ Animal Record which stores all pet information online for the benefit of pet owners and authorized service providers.  This is in addition to the PetHub tag customers receive as a part of their Blue Ribbon Benefits. Blue Ribbon benefits are provided to all customers which also include thePetHelpFone, Compassionate Care Line, Pet Poison Helpline and other pet services.  

"We strongly believe pet registration is key to reuniting pets with their owners if they ever become separated," said Randy Valpy, Pets Plus Us Top Dog. "It's why we include the HomeSafe™ Animal Record program as part of our coverage."

Today, the HomeSafe™ portal provides recovery services to more than 350 Canadian communities. Since May of 2006 when HomeSafe™ launched online, the automated recovery service has assisted the Canadian public in more than 295,000 recovery episodes. In many cases lost pets are returned to their owners within hours of being reported lost. The Pets Plus Us sponsorship ensures the Canadian public will continue to be served promptly with the best automated recovery technology in the world. 

"By adding the strength of the Pets Plus Us brand to the HomeSafe™ Automated Recovery Service, we continue our tradition of service and underwrite our vision: Lifetime protection for Pets...  Peace of mind for people," said Larry R. Evans, CEO of PetLynx Corporation.

Pets Plus Us launched in the Canadian market in 2013 with a re-imagined pet health insurance model that includes Canada's first Wellness-only plan. High in their priorities is the support of a dynamic community that can empower pet owners to make the right choices regarding the wellbeing of each pet. This support of the HomeSafe™ recovery service positions Pets Plus Us as a world-class leader in the Urban Animal industry. Pets Plus Us is a founding member of the Alliance for Urban Animals, an industry group creating healthy communities for pets and people. Pets Plus Us is a division of RSA Canada, a leading home, auto, lifestyle and commercial insurer in Canada. 

Lisa Milton, Production Manager
(p) 403.809.4630 (e) lisa.milton@petlynxmail.com
Shannon Woodward, Social Communications Coordinator
(p) 403.401.8090    (e) Shannon.woodward@petlynxmail.com

ABOUT PETLYNX: The HomeSafe™ recovery service and pet owner portal is owned by PetLynx Corporation. The PetLynx Utility is a registry of Urban Animals that offers recovery services, medical records and connectivity to all registered service providers in the Urban Animal industry. PetLynx services are delivered across the Internet to all entities in a community, from pet owners to shelters, pounds, breeders, retailers and veterinarians. The PetLynx Utility is a proven game changer that in 13 years has registered nearly 10% of the total cats and dogs in Canada as well as the active consumers who own them. PetLynx is the largest, fastest growing and most recognizable pet service brand in Canada.

ABOUT PETS PLUS US: Pets Plus Us is on a crusade to create pet owner happiness. We've reimagined pet insurance with vet-designed coverage and Canada's first Wellness-only plan. We're also building a dynamic community that's empowered to make responsible choices for their pets' wellbeing. Pets Plus Us is a division of Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada and its products are offered and underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada.

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