04 April 2018

INNOVATION - ATB Financial Moved Entire Organization to G-Suite

Alberta's Financial Services Company Chooses a Cloud Based Strategy for Operations 

Early in March, TechRepublic published a story which bears reading for any organization that isn't using cloud based IT Infrastructure.

The story caught our attention because The Paradigm Corporation has been using the G-Suite platform internally and for clients since 2011. There are so many benefits for large and small organizations it would be impossible to illuminate them all in a single InfoStream article. However, suffice to say, it was the easiest and most beneficial transformation ever made in IT Infrastructure by the small Paradigm team. Routinely, we hear from former contractors and employees who now use the Google Enterprise infrastructure to support their daily activities.

By July of 2018, ATB Financial will have completed the conversion of the entire 5,000 member team and the first year of operations. The TechRepublic article features the story of this transformation from two perspectives: Chief Transformation Officer, Wellington Holbrook and Chief Evangelist, Lorne Rubis, discuss the implementation strategy and tactics as well as the experience of moving ATB Financial to G-Suite.

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