25 July 2014

Capturing the conversations of the 2014 AASAO Conference

The Association of Animal Shelter Administrators of Ontario (AASAO) is gearing up to host its annual  Conference, September 25-26, 2014.

Conference organizers are confident this year's event will be a valuable educational experience with plenty of networking opportunities. 

A quick look at this year's topics: 

  •  Increasing Your Internal Capacity: Retention Methods that Work
  • Employee Retention: Methods that Motivate
  • Saving Lives with the ASV Guidelines - A Canadian Journey
  • Partnerships & Alternative Revenue Concepts for Municipalities and Humane Societies
  • Evidence-Based Approaches to Understanding Companion Animal Relinquishment and Address Cat Overpopulation 
  • Does Genetics Present an Inexpensive, Non-Surgical Alternative for Sterilizing Shelter Animals 
  • Rethinking the Cat Crisis - Obstacles and Opportunities 

To view the complete program, CLICK HERE!

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