28 July 2014

Occupational stress in the urban animal industry

The American SPCA released a article outlining five signs workers in the animal industry are suffering from work-related stress and compassion fatigue. Many sectors across the industry deal with occupational stress and job retention difficulties, this ASPCA article helps identify the signs and offers resources to help combat them. 


Five signs animal welfare workers are dangerously stressed: 

  1. Physical exhaustion 
  2. Increased susceptibility to illness 
  3. Cynicism 
  4. Decreased productivity 
  5. Dread of going to work 
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  1. ASPCA "occupational"stress.What next? Want to talk about dysfunctions...try looking in your own backyard.
    J.Carroll and the AMA state our kids & their electronic devices(smartphones,tablets,iPads,Video games) are spending an unheard of 16 hours per day on them! Six months ago it was...11hours a day.What effects does it have on them. Carroll's research discovered the radiation from these LED devices deplete one's melatonin,affecting cognitive function,behaviour in school and sleep apnea.LED emissions are artificial UVB blue violet light; the same UVB from Climate Change UVB!
    Not to worry;there is prevention to this problem.