29 July 2014

Exploring the Non-Surgical Sterilization conversation

Canadian wellness company Avivagen announced earlier this month it has entered into a one-year option to purchase an exclusive license for a permanent non-surgical pet sterilization technology from Dr. Duncan Hockley, director of the Veterinary Medical Centre of the University of Saskatchewan.

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The invention is a novel and drug-based means of accomplishing this longstanding veterinary goal and could prove effective for urban animal sterilization and control of feral and wild animal populations. 

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Animal overpopulation concerns in communities around the world are a regular topic at Urban Animal events as program delegates strive to find a humane, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solution. 

If Avivagen's option is exercised, what timeline will follow with regard to traditional spay/neuter practices? How will non-surgical sterilization affect current spay/neuter programs? How will this method be funded and implemented on feral and stray populations? 

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As the 2014 Summit for Urban Animal Strategies draws near, stakeholders will undoubtedly be considering the opportunities and dilemmas arising from non-surgical sterilization procedures. Participants in the Urban Animal Forums on Friday (October 24, 2014) will be given the opportunity to join this conversation and other relevant and important conversations

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Avivagen Inc. is dedicated to developing science-based, natural health products for animals that are proven in clinical trials and offering veterinarians real alternatives to traditional treatments.

In consideration of the grant of the option on the technology, Avivagen has agreed to pay all application, maintenance and prosecution fees. Avivagen is also bearing the costs of proof-of-concept animal studies. 

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