14 October 2014

Avivagen launches new corporate website

Avivagen Inc., a wellness company developing products that support and enhance the health and quality of life for animals and the people who care for them, announced today the launch of its new corporate website. 

Avivagen believes its new site reflects the evolution of the company into a more customer-focused entity. The website design is intended to enable stakeholders to more readily access corporate information, including the growing body of knowledge about the properties, functions and commercial utility of Avivagen's products - OxC-beta for livestock feeds and Vivamune™ Health Chews or Oximunol™ Chewables for pets. 

"As a business, we want to provide easy and full access to product information for all concerned parties," said Cameron Groome, Avivagen President and CEO. "We believe our new website will provide better access to all our data resources and we encourage you to visit."

For more information, visit www.avivagen.com

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