05 October 2014

Facts and Evidence: Obstacles to a Positive Pet Experience

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) Canada is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the highest level of pet care and to representing all elements of the Canadian pet industry in an equitable manner. PIJAC Canada is a founding member of the Urban Animal program.

Summit 2014 is pleased to present PIJAC Canada:

'Obstacles to a Positive Pet Experience: The Pet Owner Challenges Survey'

Directed by Susan Dankert, Communications & Research Coordinator

During Summit 2012, delegates observed a requirement for factual knowledge of the pet owner experience. A subsequent search of existing literature showed a lack of information that described this experience from the pet owner perspective.

At Summit 2013 a decision was made to gather evidence of the challenges faced by pet families. Two initiative arose from this decision: An initiative by Urban Animal to gather videos of pet owners talking about pets in their lives; and, The development of a survey to poll Canadian pet owners.

During spring 2014, PIJAC Canada spear-headed a nation-wide survey to ask Canadians about the obstacles they faced caring for their pets. The PIJAC Canada presentation will reveal what pet families had to say and discuss the implications and opportunities for future engagement.

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