08 April 2016

B.C. Cat Will be First to Get Prosthetic Blades

Eight-month-old Cassidy is now one step closer to walking and jumping like other normal cats. He was injected with Botox in his hind legs to relax the muscles before placing prosthetic blades on his back limbs.

"This will be the first cat in the world to be fitted with prosthetic blades, so our hope today was just the final step before that surgery can be performed," Dr. Mike Higgins, a neurologist with Canada West Veterinary Specialists told Tech Times.

Cassidy will travel to North Carolina State University for the prosthetic limb implant.

These types of 3D printed prosthetic blades have already been used for dogs, but this is a first for cats.

Dr. Higgins predicts prostheses will be more available for paralyzed and malformed animals in about 10 to 15 years.

Cassidy lost his rear legs due to wounds caused by E. Coli. He was found and rescued by Shelly Roche of Tiny Kittens Rescue last year.

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