09 April 2016

Global Pet Expo 2016: New Records, New Products, New Trends

Global Pet Expo 2016 saw more attendees than ever before along with a record-setting number of new product launches.

They experienced an increase in domestic buyers at 4,679, 8.4% more than last year, with a total of 6,170 buyers in attendance. The show also boasted more than 3,000 new pet product launches, 1,087 exhibitors and 3,218 booths sold. Total show attendance came to 15,478 people.

With more than 3,000 new products being introduced at Global Pet Expo, it’s a great place to identify industry trends.

Knoxville, Tennessee-based PetSafe brand, maker of pet behavioral, containment and lifestyle product solutions, unveiled 14 new products. Several were the high-tech variety including the Flitter and Whimsy automatic teaser toys both of which have ‘Play while you are away’ modes, the Automatic Ball Launcher and ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

All great examples of one of the industry trends identified by petbusiness.com - high-tech is in high demand.

Petbusiness.com identified five key trends based on their observations at the event.

A fresh approach to packaging. Much of the new packaging was clearly inspired by what can be found in human consumer products.

Topping off a healthy diet. Pet food toppers were in full force at Global Pet Expo 2016.

Promoting healthier digestion. There was a plethora of products that utilize prebiotics and probiotics to foster healthy digestion in pets.

Scaling down is going up. Many pet product manufacturers introduced items designed specifically for small-breed dogs, as well as smaller bag options for their established diets.

High-tech is in high demand. With electronic gadgets taking over human lives, it’s not surprising there are more gadgets, apps and high tech toys for pets.

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