02 September 2016

BUSINESS - Nulo Recognized for Innovation by Forbes Magazine

Nulo Pet Food Inc. was cited as one of the 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands for 2016 by Forbes magazine, making it the only pet food company to make its way on the list.

“We are honored that the business community recognizes the impact that the Nulo brand is making on the lives of dogs and cats everywhere,” said Nulo founder and CEO Michael Landa in response to making this list.

The company was recognized for its innovative marketing and contributions to ‘improving the way we live our lives’ with respect to consumerism.

Inspired by world class athletes to create premium pet food, Nulo prides itself in its loyalty to its retailers – changing its strategy in 2013 and pulling out of Whole Foods and choosing to focus instead on independent retailers.

Dubbed as a ‘bold decision’ for such a young manufacturing company, the decision to focus on the independent market (with one series line available at PetSmart) has proven to be successful – as the company is looking to triple revenues this year following their 2016 move to use national distributors Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, based out of Easton, PA.

Their success can be tied directly to an industry trend - sales are growing in the premium and natural food category, according to market research company Packaged Facts.

The company’s modern marketing approach includes partnering with 14 Olympic athletes as brand ambassadors at sporting events.

(Natalie Coughlin, Olympic swimmer, with Dozer and She-Ra)

Nulo announced a new ambassador partnership earlier this year, with tennis star John Isner and his dog Magill; Isner ranked second in 2015 at the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour for number of aces served at 1,260.

The concept of ‘food as fuel’ is propelled here with an emphasis of protein-rich, low-carb and the Olympian marketing strategy; this approach is thought to connect with millennial pet owners.

With two lines of pet foods – one for PetSmart and one for independents, Nulo will continue to gobble up the millennial market who, according to Gibbs-rbb Strategic Communications research, is willing to pay up to 31 per cent more for food they feel aligns with their social and environmental values.

Aligned with their Olympic athletes, the ‘Road to Nulo’ provides the Medal Series available at PetSmart and the FreeStyle Series available at independent retailers (both lines are grain-free) to ‘fuel their inner athletes’.

By Lindsay Seewalt
Lindsay is an experienced journalist and mother of three whose heart and home is always open to a four-legged friend. With her Corgi, Angie, as household editor-in-chief, Lindsay gives back to the animal planet through the written word on anything and all ado about pets. She is passionate about topics regarding animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, which she aims to instill in both her readers and children to be compassionate animal lovers who are conscious and considerate that furry friends around the globe deserve a voice.

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