29 January 2017

BUSINESS - Apple Joins Other Tech Giants in Artificial Intelligence Partnership

Partnership on AI was formed in 2016 and while Apple was involved since the beginning, the corporation became an official founding member this week.
Apple joins a group that includes some of the biggest names in tech - Amazon, DeepMind/Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft.

The growth in artificial intelligence (AI) products, and concerns about potential risks prompted the formation of Partnership on AI whose goal is to ensure that applications of AI are beneficial to people and society.

The organization will study the potential societal impact of AI systems, develop and share best practices, develop educational resources and host open forums to share information about the latest topics in the field.

They will also create working groups for different sectors, for example healthcare and transportation, conducting research on the specific AI applications in these different areas of the economy.

Some fears surrounding AI include criminal use, robots taking over the workforce, privacy, and even the end of the human race.

Many believe, however, AI machines and applications are the next generation of sophisticated tools enhancing our human capabilities.

The aim of Partnership on AI is to help ensure the positive application of artificial intelligence.

According to their website, “Diversity of thought across the organization is crucial to ensure that we effectively explore and address the influences of AI on people and society, provide guidance on AI best practices, and seek to advance the public’s understanding of AI.”

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