03 January 2017

DIGITAL - LinkedIn Changes: What Marketers Need to Know

Design changes to LinkedIn are rolling out to account holders.

Many of the updates align the desktop version more closely to the mobile version - making a smoother transition between the two.

The dimensions of the background photo have changed and LinkedIn has made it easier to write posts, find new contacts and interact with connections.

The content sharing section is in the centre of the clean looking homepage and includes an easy to access button to create an article, which is the same as publishing a long-form post on LinkedIn Publisher.

The biggest change is to the Search section which no longer has the advanced search options - you need to purchase LinkedIn Premium for advanced search, saved search and tagging.

The profile section is now called Me - just like the mobile app - and contains a new section called Accomplishments where you can add publications, courses, projects, certifications, honours, awards and patents.

Interactions have been given their own section in the new interface. The section also includes who has followed you, engaged with your content, has a work anniversary or published an article, and more.

Messaging, Jobs and Ads seem to be the only areas that have not been changed.

Vivika von Rosen, author of "LinkedIn Marketing: Hour A Day" and listed on two of Forbes “Most Influential Social Media” lists, has written a comprehensive account of the LinkedIn interface changes for Social Media Examiner.

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