17 September 2014

New 2014 Summit for Pet Owner of the Year nominees

Two nominees vie for the Urban Animal Industry's highest award in the Pet Owner of the Year category: 
  1. Candace McLaren is nominated for her commitment to helping rescue dogs. Candace adopted her first dog, a pug, in 2000. Since then, she has adopted three more pugs and fostered 24 for Pugalug Rescue. She also spends 5-10 hours per week volunteering for Pugalug. 
  2. Susan Thixton is nominated for providing a nutritious voice for pet owners. Through her blogs, newsletters and books, Thixton has been an inspiration to many around the world. Today she holds an advisory position on two AAFCO committees and works every day to ensure pet food is safe. 
New in 2014, the Pet Owner of the Year Summit recognizes a pet owner that has demonstrated a mindful approach to pet ownership and the ability to think beyond themselves to create a better environment for all urban animals.

The 2014 Summit for Pet Owner of the Year will be presented during the Awards Gala on Friday, 24 October. This event is open to the public. 

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