17 September 2014

Poll 2 Summit Award Nominations - Current Leaders

The current leaders in Poll 2 of the 2014 YourSay Summit Awards are identified below. Those who haven't yet voted, can still honour industry nominees by clicking on the VOTE NOW link below:

There are 2 Nominations in this category:
56% Sybille Brochu - Ellisbye Puppies
44% Colette Francis - Pooch Palace Kennels

Pet Owner
There are 2 Nominations in this category:
81% Susan Thixton
19% Candace McLaren 

Health and Wellness 
There are 2 Nominations in this category:
68% Paws Fur Thought - Medric Cousineau
32% Cat Healthy Canada - Dr. Liz O'Brien

Poll 2 closes Friday, 19 September 2014. 

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