15 February 2016

Pets Plus Us Talks National Cupcake Day

With National Cupcake Day just two weeks from today, fundraising is well underway across the country. Individuals and businesses have been hosting cupcake sales for their local humane societies and SPCAs. 

Sponsors are an integral part of any fundraising event. Pets Plus Us, Gold Sponsor of National Cupcake Day, is a great example of the value of corporate support.

Randy Valpy & Bruin
This week on the Ontario SPCA's Animals' Voice podcast, Randy Valpy, 'Top Dog' at Pets Plus Us, shares why the company got involved with event and how they plan to celebrate it in their office. 

It's not too late to register, start baking and raise funds to support homeless, abused and injured animals. There are even great fundraising prizes for the top individual, community team and corporate team.

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